Juju Collagen

What is Juju Collagen?

Juju Collagen is a unique effervescent tablet, containing 500 MG of Patented Fish Collagen that promotes healthy, radiant and younger looking skin formulated with hydrolyzed Collagen Peptide for better absorption.

What are the nutritional facts and ingredients for Juju Collagen?

JUJU Collagen contains active ingredients such as Patented Fish Collagen, Vitamins C & E, Vitamin B, Elastin, Sodium Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Seed Extract & Aloe Vera Extract. See nutritional facts here.

How many tablets of Juju can I consume everyday?

We recommend using 1-2 tablets a day, depending on your needs.

When will I see the results?

You’ll start to see the results after your first box of JUJU Collagen. For best and long lasting results, we recommend you to continue taking it for 3 months and make it a part of your daily nutrition.

Is this free shipping?

FREE Shipping is automatically applied if you purchase 1 box or more. Otherwise, the standard shipping cost is P100.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

We process your orders within 24-48 hours. You will receive your JUJU package in 2-5 days if you’re in Metro Manila, 5-7 days if you’re in Visayas, and more than 7 days if you’re in Mindanao. Please note that we do not process orders on weekends and holidays.

Something's wrong with my order. What should I do?

Feel free to email hello@jujucollagen.com with any questions, comments, or concerns about your order or the product.

I'm a male. Can I take Collagen?

Yes! JUJU Collagen is formulated for both men and women who want to have healthier skin, hair, and nails.

Are there any side effects?

JUJU Collagen is a food supplement that showed NO major side effects during research.

Is Juju safe for children, pregnant and lactating women?

Recommended for adults only. Not intended for children, pregnant and lactating women. Consult your physician prior to use.

Is Juju Collagen safe for diabetics?

JUJU Collagen contains very minimal amounts of carbs and sugar. However, we don’t recommend it to people who have uncontrolled diabetics. Please consult with your physician for any additional questions or concerns.

What are the tiny beads enclosed in the cap?

The tiny beads are made up of silicon dioxide that help prevent moisture buildup within the tube. This is safe and non-toxic.

Is Juju Collagen safe for those taking maintenance medicine?

Yes, it’s safe. Since JUJU Collagen is a food supplement, it contains nutrients that are beneficial to your body. We recommend drinking it 1-2 hours after your medication.

When is the best time to take Juju Collagen?

It can be taken any time of the day. However, for best results we recommend drinking it before meals for the collagen to be fully absorbed by your body.

Juju Glutathione

How many tablets or how long do I need to take Juju Glutathione tablets to see whitening effects?

The recommended dosage is 2 effervescent tablets a day. After 2-3 days, you will feel the internal effects such as feeling energized and vibrant since it helps in regenerating the cells. On the 5th day up to the first week, glowing skin will be noticeable on the 5th day up to the first week, and lightening of the skin will be visible after 2-3 weeks of use. But always remember, partner it with healthy lifestyle and avoid too much sun exposure.

Lifetime ba ang effect?

The whitening effect on the skin will last as long as you are taking the product. Your skin will go back to its natural color once you stop taking Juju Glutathione, that’s why we suggest taking 1 tablet a day for maintenance after achieving your desired skin tone.

Ilan ang maximum na tablets ang pwedeng i-take sa isang araw?

Juju Glutathione is considered as food supplement, thus it doesn't have an overdose. However, we highly suggest to stick with the recommended dosage of 1 effervescent tablet a day for maintenance or 2 effervescent tablets a day for enhancement. This is the best dosage as per our R&D Team.

Can this be taken together with Juju Collagen?

Yes! Juju Collagen and Glutathione are food supplements that can be taken together to give you the best results for your skin.

Pwede ba ito sa may high blood pressure? Pwede ba ito sa may mga maintenance medicines? Any side effects?

Yes and yes, but we recommend taking Juju Glutathione 1-2 hours after your maintenance medicine. Juju Glutathione doesn't have any side effects.

Pwede ba ito sa 50 and pataas? Age limit?

Yes, it can be taken by people 50 years old and up. No, there is no age limit but please note that the effect for ages 50 and up might vary because of slower metabolism than younger people.

ANy side effects? Any do's and don'ts while taking Juju Glutathione?

Juju Glutathione doesn't have any side effects.

Avoid habits that damage your skin cells such as too much sun exposure, smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, etc. Reducing these habits will help in achieving the best results.

Pwede ba ito sa alcoholic and smokers?

Yes. It is best to take 2 - 3 tablets a day because drinking alcohol and smoking are sources of free radicals that damage our skin cells. Juju Glutathione contains antioxidants to fight these free radicals and maintain healthy skin.

Nakakataas ba ng sugar ang Juju Glutathione?

No. Each tablet contains only 2.4g total carbohydrate which is just 1% of the adult diet requirement. Juju Glutathione will not cause high blood sugar but we recommend maintaining a balanced diet. (See Nutrition Facts for more details)

Nakakataba ba ang Juju Glutathione

No. Juju Glutathione will not cause weight gain because each tablet contains only 10.4kcal. To maintain normal weight, exercise regularly, have a balanced diet, and drink enough water.

Pwedeng ihalo sa ibang drinks?

Yes, just dissolve it to water first before combining with other drinks. Not recommended to mix with hot coffee/tea and alcoholic drinks.

Pwede ba sa may psoriasis or any skin condition? Any side effects?

Yes. In fact, it may also help lessen the symptoms of psoriasis and won't cause any side effects.

Pwede ba sa nag-therapy (kagagaling lang ng cancer)?

If this is your case, we recommend that you stop taking food supplements in general and consult with your physician first.

Pwede ba pagsabayin inumin ang Juju Glutathione at other brands of glutathione? If yes, any side effects?

Yes Juju Glutathione can be taken with other glutathione brands. However, it’s better to check if the other brands will cause side effects when combined with other glutathione supplements.

Pwede ba sa may kidney o liver diseases?

Kidney and liver diseases are serious conditions where the patients need to be careful with their diet. If this is your case, please check with your attending physician first.

Pwede ba sa may hyperacidity?

Yes, but it’s better to take it after meals to avoid having an upset stomach.

Juju Easyslim

How many tablets do I need to take before seeing the results?

We recommend taking 1 tablet for maintenance and 2 tablets for optimal effect.

What effects will I see after taking Juju Easyslim?

The initial results are reduced cravings, feeling more light and active, having more energy to move around, and regular bowel movements.

What is the best time to take Juju Easyslim?

We recommend taking it at night before bedtime.

Is Juju Easyslim effective even without working out?

Yes, but the results will show slower. We recommend squeezing in at least 30 minutes of exercise for faster and better results.

Are there any side effects?

Because it is considered a food supplement, Juju EasySlim does not have side effects.

If you feel a minimal case of nausea or an upset stomach. It would be best to take it during or after meals.

Is it safe to take it on an empty stomach?


Can I drink Juju Easyslim if I have hypertension and take maintenance medicine?

Yes, but it’s best to take it 1-2 hours after your maintenance medicine.

Is it still effective while taking whey protein?


Can I dissolve Juju Easyslim in hot water?

Yes, but some active ingredients are sensitive to hot temperature and may lessen its efficacy.

Is it still effective after drinking alcohol?

Yes, but the effect would not be optimal since alcoholic drinks are not good for our body.

Can it be taken by people with kidney and liver conditions?

We recommend consulting your physician first.

How can I incorporate Juju Easyslim in a calorie counting diet?

Check the nutrition facts to see the calories per tablet.

Is it effective for people with PCOS?

Easyslim targets reducing fat and removing body toxins. It might help but not actually remove the cause of weight gain. PCOS weight gain is due to imbalanced hormones – Juju EasySlim might be able to help but not completely solve the cause of weight gain.

Is it good for people following a keto diet?

Currently, Juju EasySlim contains glucose that may delay your progress while on Keto diet. All ingredients will soon be keto-friendly in the next few months as we develop the product.

Juju Easysports

How does Juju Easysports work?

It replenishes the electrolytes lost during exercise and boost athletic performance by inhibiting muscle fatigue, improving heart function, and increasing energy.

Can seniors take Juju Easysports? Any side effects?

Yes. Juju EasySports is a great supplement to replenish their electrolytes and increase their energy. There’s no side effect.

Why is there no vit c content on Juju Easysports?

Juju EasySports focuses on the electrolytes for body hydration. Essential electrolytes are Sodium Ion, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

Can I take Juju Easysports if I’m on a keto diet? How about if I’m diabetic?

Yes, you can take it if you’re following a Keto diet. And yes, it’s also safe for diabetic patients as long as they follow the proper calorie and Sugar requirements.

Is it safe for people with kidney and heart conditions?

We recommend consulting with your physician first.

Is it safe for people with hypertension?


Is Juju Easysports all-natural?

All active ingredients are natural, but the non-active ones might have synthetic ingredients.

Can Juju Easysports be taken on an empty stomach?

Yes. But if you have a sensitive stomach, it would be best to take it after a meal.

Do I need to consume Juju Easysports immediately once dissolved?

As long as it is not exposed to high temperatures, this can be taken 1-2 hours after dissolving in water.

Is it gluten-free? 


Is it vegan/vegetarian friendly?


What is the maximum daily intake?

You may take 1 tablet in the morning after your workout and 1 tablet at the end of the day.

Can I add more water without affecting the benefits of the product?

Yes, you can add more water.

Cruelty-free? Not tested on animals?

Yes, 100% cruelty free.